Enhances the process of mixing audio tracks
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Provides the possibility to better control your audio tracks by splitting its menu into 4 sections, each section having its unique function. One of the screens represents the browser area where the tracks are stored, another section is for controlling the playback, also known as deck A. The two left sections split into a deck similar in functions with deck A, and finally the mixer area.

DJUCED for DJ Control AIR is a DJ tool adding beauty to the power of mixing audio tracks, scratching and recording your music creations. DJUCED is designed to make mixing user-friendly, thanks to a unique graphic interface and user-friendly features. DJUCED can be split into 4 main sections:
- Browser area (bottom area): track library = where tracks are stored
- Left deck area = deck A: where you can load a track, play and control playback
- Right deck area = deck B: where you can load another track, play and control playback
- Mixer area (central area): to mix the left and right decks, with crossfader, volume and equalization controls.

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